Resellers Management System

Resellers Management System

How to Sell Product /Service and Grow Your Business Effectively

The Resellers management system allows the seller to track the entire operation that takes place between the reseller and the customer. This feature makes it possible for businesses to build a professional multi-level sales model, boosting sales and increasing revenue efficiency.

Resellers System

Increasing revenue and Expand Customer Network effectively

A reseller is an intermediary distributing products from business to consumers (including importing goods from distributors, processing orders, payment, and transporting goods to customers)


Create and manage reseller accounts

Building a reseller accounts system makes the task of managing and tracking become trouble-free on one single platform.
  • The manager can automatically approve or reject the registration of a reseller account.
  • Pause or activate a reseller account at will.
  • Allows searching for resellers by status (all, active, pending, not approved).
  • Whenever new orders from resellers show up, notifications will be displayed on the GoSELLER App.
Create and manage reseller accounts


Inventory management, reseller’s warehouse

Be able to monitor all warehouse information, and deliver goods in a detailed, efficient way, saving time of processing and checking.
  • Effortlessly monitor the status of reseller inventory through figures: total source, quantity sold, the remaining quantity.
  • Automatically update the inventory amount of each reseller once delivery is completed.
  • Create shipping orders and manage the shipping process quickly (shipping, ready to ship, still shipping, received).
  • Store shipping history on the system.
  • Set notifications to resellers whenever a change in price occurs.
Inventory management, reseller’s warehouse


Managing resellers discount

This feature provides clear and detailed support in managing resellers' discount.
  • Be able to set discount by % or by type (all products, specified products, collections).
  • Customize the discount rate separately for separated resellers.
  • Saving time and effort by installing the automatic discount browsing.
Managing resellers discount


Discount payments to resellers

Based on the system’s discount data, the manager can make discount payments to his resellers effortlessly.
  • Monitoring each resellers discount by status (approved, rejected, waiting for payment, paid).
  • Reseller discount will be … (It is missing?).
  • Allows reviewing the entire payment history or those of a specific time.
  • Import and export reports about discount payments for resellers.
  • Display notifications if the discount comes from a product’s order that does not belong to the seller, limiting fraud from the reseller.
Discount payments to resellers


Managing orders through the reseller

Manage the entire order of resellers on one single system, minimizing errors and saving time.
  • Set receive notifications feature whenever orders from resellers show up.
  • Effortlessly looking up orders by code or by reseller name.
  • Filter orders by resellers status (all, active, out of business).
  • Help sellers track order reports from resellers.
Managing orders through the reseller