Why entrepreneurs choose GoSELL to build their business?

Quick setup, easy operation

There is no need to know coding or programming, as all settings are preset; you just need to drag and drop to use.

Less busy work

A professional sales management system from online to offline, reducing workload and saving manpower.

More professional

A comprehensive solution that provides your customers with a professional experience.

Easier marketing

Integrate multiple automated marketing features, helping to simplify all marketing activities.

More sales

Promote online sales and affiliate model, increase revenue and profit exponentially.

The all-in-one e-Commerce platform

Sell online via your e-Commerce website or conduct face-to-face transactions using a point of sale (POS) system, and expand your reach with the affiliate dropship model. From a single integrated dashboard, control orders, handle payments, manage customer relationships, oversee marketing, and access other essential features.

Build your online store

Bring every design idea into reality with simple drag-and-drop actions, no coding expertise required.

Power your point of sale

A POS system that connects with your online store, allows customers to shop their way, from online to the checkout line.

Boost your sales exponentially with the affiliate model

Leverage your existing customers and turn them into your affiliate dropship partners to scale up your revenue.

Run your business from everywhere

Proactively manage your online store anytime, anywhere when integrating all professional management tools in a single application.

Approach customers and engage in remarketing with the help of automated marketing tools

Support smart online marketing

Integrate Google Smart Shopping, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tag Manager.

Create blogs easily

Share useful articles or information about products/services to increase your website traffic.


The integrated SEO toolkit is available to optimize your website on the Google search engine.

Create discount codes

Increase order conversion rates by generating personalized discount codes for each customer group.

Flash sale

Create flash sale programs directly on your online store website, encouraging customers to make quick purchase decisions.

Email marketing

Flexibly send unlimited marketing campaigns via email to drive traffic to your website, increasing the conversion rate.

Optimize the synchronized operation and sales process from online to offline stores

Synchronized product management

List and manage all products on a single management platform.

Centralized order tracking and processing

Automatically update new orders, check, and process orders from websites and stores, all through a single management system.

Employee management

Decentralize and manage the performance of each employee at each of your stores.

Update multi-channel inventory automatically

Strictly and accurately control the quantity and fluctuations of goods at each branch of the store and on the online channel.

Financial management

Monitor income and expenses, manage customer and supplier debts to optimize financial planning.

Payment management

Integrate multiple PayPal payment methods to facilitate convenient and easy payments for customers.

Capture insights and bring the best experiences for your customers with comprehensive CRM system

Automatically collect and centrally manage customers

All customer details on the platforms will be automatically collected, stored and managed on a single platform.

Segment target customers

Personalize customer grouping based on available data to help you optimize your marketing campaigns and business plans.

Customer care, remarketing, and upsell to existing customers

Build a loyal customer list and optimize shopping frequency through the implementation of the right nurturing, marketing, and sales program.

Build customer loyalty

Give your customers a reason to stay loyal to your business by offering a loyalty program and earning multi-channel synchronized redemption points.

Offer a real-time, detailed visual sales analysis and reporting tool

Analyze report by platform

Help you capture business performance across channels through sales reports, detailed orders, etc., enabling accurate business strategy.

Analyze report by branch

You can compare performance between branches to formulate appropriate business strategies, as well as manage the import and rotation of goods.

Track working performance of employees

Manage and accurately track sales, total orders, etc. of each employee at each branch to develop a clear bonus/penalty policy.

Easily build affiliate dropshipping directly into your website

  • Easily assemble a team of affiliate marketing associates directly on your website, utilizing a model with various commission structures.
  • Intuitively manage affiliate orders and commissions.
  • Enable customers to shop directly on your website through the affiliate marketing link, instantly collecting customer information. This helps reduce the risk of losing customers when affiliates discontinue their cooperation.

Remote sales management app Anytime, anywhere with the GoSELLER app

You can monitor all business activities, including order management, customer interactions, and product tracking, across multiple channels and branches using just one phone, anytime and anywhere.

Create and manage product right now on your mobile phone

Create and process orders with just a few taps

Manage sales data centrally

Capture the quantity of inventory accurately

Manage suppliers professionally

Build affiliate marketing model

Track and make appointments easily

Sales reports at your fingertips

18,000+ customers are trusting to use GoSELL solutions

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