Why do you need to build an affiliate system?

No risk

You don't have to pay any fixed salary, just commission for affiliates when there's a sale.

Zero-cost marketing

With word-of-mouth marketing from your own affiliates, you'll build your brand in the simplest and most cost-effective way.

Revenue breakthrough

Sales channels help increase revenue independently.

No geographical barriers

Expand the scale of affiliates without limitations on the number and geographic locations.

Build an affiliate marketing system right on your website

Affiliate marketing is a business model that using affiliates to promote, share links to your products, generate orders for customers to earn commissions without the need to handle inventory. You will receive complete order and customer information for shipping processing and customer management.

Your affiliates

  • No need to handle inventory.
  • Take control of your time and location.
  • No need for delivery.
  • Earn attractive commissions.
  • Manage order clearly.

You - Seller

  • Actively deliver to the customer.
  • Collect customer data for easy upselling.
  • Manage detailed commision of each affiliate.
  • Actively install a variety of discount.
  • Easily manage affiliates without limits.

Let's explore the features of the standard affiliate system in detail

Easily create and manage affiliate account

Create and customize information flexibly to manage business performance in detail for each individual, order, and customer through the affiliate marketing strategy.

Create affiliate account

Allow you to create affilicate account with two steps:

  • Affiliate sign up their account on your website - you accept and set up commission levels for them.

  • You can create affiliate account and set up commission for them.

Various commissions for affiliates

If you want your affiliates to consistently promote your products and brand, set attractive commissions. With GoSELL, you will have the flexibility to create a variety of discounts according to your needs.

Commissions based on product

You can set up a variety of commission for each affiliate based on product, by collection, or apply to all products.

Commission based on revenue

Easily set commission rates for affiliates based on the monthly revenue they achieve, with various levels of revenue.

Customizable commission attribution period based on cookies

According to your policy, you can set the effective time for calculating commissions for affiliate when customers have clicked on the affiliate's marketing link by configuring behavior-tracking cookies.

Connect and establish your affiliate scheme to increase sales volume

Diverse criteria in the affiliate program for you to set up according to your business strategies

Easy to set up

Set up the commission based on product or revenue and easy to add new affiliate members.

Strict management

Manage the affiliate’s information such as product inventory, orders, revenue and status.

Ensure accuracy

The system automatically calculates commissions, ensure 100% accuracy for each affiliate.

The process of handling orders is simple and accurate

Order status and commissions are updated in real-time - Ensuring accurate management.

Affiliates can easily create orders in two ways

Affiliates create orders on the website for their customer

You can authorize affiliates to place orders directly on the website. The system will automatically notify you of new orders from affiliates so that you don't miss any customer orders.

Buyers create orders themselves using the affiliate marketing link

Affiliates can create their own marketing links to share with customers. Customers can make direct purchases through the marketing link, and the order will be immediately sent to you for delivery processing.

Optimize order processing time with centralized order management capabilities

  • All affiliate orders will be centrally managed in real-time on GoSELL with complete detailed information for easy tracking and shipping processing. At the same time, inventory data is synchronized with other sales channels.

Manage customer data when purchasing through affiliate marketing links

All customer information from the affiliate's purchase link will be stored in detail in the CRM system.

No worry about losing customers

You won't have to worry about losing customers when affiliates stop affiliating, you can control all customer data right from the start.

Understanding your customers

Analyze and group customer information based on specific characteristics.


Conduct remarketing campaigns through GoSELL's tools.

Manage commission payments for the affiliate marketing system

  • The system will automatically calculate commissions accurately and update them in real-time for both you and affiliates to track.

  • Automatically update and transparently track the commission payment history.