Are you struggling with customer management?

Discrete customer data

Customer information and behavior are dispersed between online and offline channels, making it difficult to synthesize a comprehensive customer portrait.

High customer churn rate

Not taking advantage of the available customer base, the redemption rate is almost zero, making the image of the brand become poor quality.

Wasted marketing budget

Advertising costs reach high potential markets but conversion rates are poor, remarketing to returning customers is not effective.

Customer experience is not seamless

Make you lose a significant amount of potential customers due to the heterogeneous experience across online and offline shopping channels.

Smart customer management system of GoSELL help you optimize your customer management process

Centralized and secure customer data management

Allow you to collect and store customer information from sales channels on a single management platform, helping to save management time, enhance security and limit customer data loss.


Offline store

Easy to use, simple operation

With the customer data available on the system, you can easily perform the following operations:

Filter and find customers

You can filter customers easily by different elements (name, email, phone number, barcode, etc.) to capture customer information quickly.

Import/Export customer data

Allow you to import or export customer lists in bulk quickly with Excel files, saving maximum time and effort compared to manual methods.

Merge customer data

You can also merge one or more duplicate customer information together into a single customer, for convenience of tracking and nurturing.

Decentralize customer care

Allow you to proactively delegate the staff responsible for managing specific customers, giving customers the best quality of service.

Flexible customer segmentation

Allow grouping customers according to specific characteristics to build appropriate marketing and customer care programs.

Segment by order information

By total order purchased

By the total order delivered

By the total amount of goods purchased

By the date completed orders

Segment by customers profile

By date of account registration by customer

By the tags attached to customers

By installed client applications

Segment by purchased products

By all purchased products

By a certain product or products purchased

Segment by affiliate information

By affiliate account registration date

Build personalized marketing programs for each customer group

Comprehensive customer care and outreach

An automated loyalty system boosts repeat purchases

Boost shopping and loyalty with a points program. Redeem points for membership ranks based on purchase points. The system auto-updates reward points and membership levels on customers' accounts, facilitating progress tracking.

Sync - automatically earn member points

Automatically update points every time your customer shops, ensuring a smooth experience wherever they shop, be it in-store or online. Upgrade memberships automatically and offer special deals to encourage repeat visits.

Rewards program - Points redemption

Depend on the sales policy, you can freely set up a points-redemption program and allow customers to use points for cash to pay for future orders. This is a way to help you attract customers and make it impossible for them to leave you.

  • Customize the form of point conversion (Eg: 1,000 VND = 10 points).
  • Set up point expiration dates to drive customers to shop.
  • Clearly display how many points customers will receive through each transaction - easy to track.

Diverse promotional programs attract customers to shop

To effectively retain and drive shoppers, you can implement a variety of marketing programs, personalized for different customer groups, in just a few simple steps.

Buy X get Y

Easily set up promotion programs such as buy X get Y product, buy X get discount on Y product, etc. Motivate customers to buy more products in one purchase.


Allows you to create a variety of discount codes on different sales channels to stimulate shopping demand and increase the frequency of customers' purchases.

Transmit automated promotion and customer care campaigns

Help you nurture and retain loyal customers and provide them with the best shopping experience.

Customer care and nurturing

Automate customer care with pre-set scenarios, build customer loyalty and increase your chances of selling.

Personalize customer experiences

Help you create promotional programs for each customer group and send them through email marketing.

Comprehensive customer understanding with customer report and analysis

Help you determine the conversion rate of customers through statistics on the number of customers by each specific activity and time period.

Customers who have accessed the platforms

New customers registering a member account

Active customers

Inactive customers

Returning customers

Inactive customer alert

Time-bound customers purchase

Unsuccessful customers purchase

Capture customer behaviors with detailed analytic reports according to various criteria

Customer shopping behavior analytics

Customer segmentation

Customers tag

Membership levels

Branch/customer platform analytics


Sales app

POS at the counter



Particular branch

Customers demographic analysis




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