GoSELLER app - Run your business
Anytime, anywhere on your phone

GoSELLER app - Run your business anytime, anywhere on your phone

Swiftly turn your phone or tablet into a portable point of sale and manage all sales activities for both offline and online stores, and make better business decisions with GoSELL's sales management app.

* Available now on App Store and Google Play

Manage your business wherever you go
All from your mobile device


The GoSELLER app is so simple that no training is required. Get set up and start selling in minutes.

Real-time reporting

Quickly view real-time daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports from a mobile device while on the go.

For iOS and Android

Compatible with many operating systems, including both Android and iOS, it displays smoothly on a variety of devices.

Transform your smartphone or tablet into an easy to use point-of-sale

Enhance in-store sales processes

Create orders faster

Create an order in three steps: Scan barcodes by camera, choose multiple products, payment with a touch.

Accept payment easily

Integrated payments save time, ensure better accuracy and minimize errors.

Flexible hardware

Connect a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer.

Simplify sales at counter

Issue printed receipts, apply discounts and issue refunds.

GoSELLER app features - Everything you need to run your business

Centralized sales data management

Product manangement

Inventory management

Order management

Service management

Customer management

Supplier management

Affiliate management

Track business analytics

Whether you have single or multiple stores
Our tools help run your business

Optimize product management process on your phone

  • Add an unlimited amount of products with details such as name, price, description, etc. on GoSELLER app.
  • Easily update and sync information across various sales channels using the GoSELLER app, and vice versa.
  • Automatically generate product barcodes by using the system or scan existing product barcodes for accurate inventory management.

Save time with unified inventory management from online to offline

  • Manage inventory simply and scientifically with barcode system, SKU code, IMEI code and expiration date tracking.
  • Watch stock levels update automatically with every sale, transfer and return.
  • Capture accurate detailed information about the quantity of products and their precise locations in the warehouse for inventory management and swift inventory in/out.

Create and process orders with just few simple steps

  • All orders from multiple branches and platforms will be managed centrally in one place.
  • Update the status of each order, including returns and debt orders in detail, in real-time.
  • Process and track the order status from multiple sales channels in one central place.

Provide your customers with the desired service and comfort

  • Customers can book schedules using the service right on your website.
  • Easily manage a detailed booking list, including customer names, branches, and appointment times.
  • Service reports with visual charts to provide a clear overview of total service revenue and bookings over time.

Turn one-time shoppers into your loyal customers

  • Easily create new customer ID, assign customers with tags, then search and filter based on the needs of your outreach.
  • View customer purchase history to provide personalized service.
  • Run loyalty program to reward customers for their recurring purchases.

Elevate your supplier management to a professional level

  • Create new and organize supplier lists in order of priority you desire.
  • Flexibly adjust and pay debts with suppliers in a transparent and clear way.
  • The history of transactions and outstanding debts between you and the supplier can be reviewed at anytime.

Expand your business network with the integrated affiliate dropship

  • Easily manage and track the affiliate account system on a single platform.
  • Manage commissions, orders, customers accurately of each affiliates on sales management app.
  • Allow notifications when the system has a new order from any affiliates.

No matter where you are
You can gain precision in tracking sales reports and cash flow right at your fingertips

Visual report charts

Provide reports in the form of clear and intuitive charts to help you keep track of sales and compare business performance between different branches and sales channels, show you how to scale your business.

Analysis - detailed reports

Gives you an overview of your business, profit and loss, liabilities, employees, etc. on platforms and multi-branch, help you come up with the most informed business plan.

Cash and debt book management

Supports tracking revenues and expenses arising from transactions such as sales, product purchases, returns, and debts. At the same time, it accurately controls the entire cash flow and debt.

When your business wins, we win manage in-store and online sales together only with the GoSELLER