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AI Marketing: Explanation, Types and A Complete Guide for you

2 March, 2023

AI Marketing (or also known as Artificial Intelligence Marketing) – one of the best and most recent approaches to improve the effectiveness and results of your marketing campaigns. As time goes by, technology is innovated and things also develop, in this case, marketing does. AI offers great potentials for marketing and becomes a critical part of marketing performance. But what precisely is AI marketing? How does it operate and how do you use it? Find out by reading on with GoSELL!

ai marketing

Definition of AI marketing

AI stands for artificial intelligence and AI marketing is when you use this technology in marketing campaigns to help businesses achieve objectives. This framework allows your company to develop a more detailed, all-encompassing picture of their target audiences. This optimization process’s artificial intelligence-driven insights can then be used to increase conversions while also lightening the workload of marketing staff.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being used in marketing to make automated selections based on data gathering, data analysis, and further observations of audience or economic trends that may have an impact on marketing activities. In digital marketing campaigns where pace is crucial, AI is frequently deployed. To ensure optimal efficiency, AI marketing solutions analyze data and customer profiles to learn how to best engage with clients. They then give them personalized messages at the appropriate moment without help from marketing team employees. Today’s digital marketing frequently employs AI to support marketing teams or carry out more tactical jobs that don’t require as much human finesse.

ai marketing

AI marketing is used to handle tasks like

  • Data analysis is the process of gathering and sorting through massive volumes of marketing data from numerous programs and initiatives that would otherwise need to be done by hand.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Developing human-like language for customer service bots, experience personalisation, and other uses is known as natural language processing.
  • Media Buying: Estimating the best ad and media positions for a company to reach their target audience and maximize the return on investment from their marketing plan.
  • Automated Decision-Making: Based on historical data or external data inputs, AI marketing solutions assist businesses in determining which marketing or business growth plan to employ.
  • Content Creation: Writing both brief and lengthy content for AI marketing strategy, such as video subtitles, email subject lines, online copy, blogs, and more is known as content generation.
  • Real-time personalization: Modifying a user’s interaction with a marketing resource, such as a web page, social media post, or email, to match the user’s previous preferences in order to nudge them into doing a particular action, like clicking a link, signing up for something, or making a purchase.

ai marketing

Types of AI marketing methods

It is obvious that AI marketing plays a crucial role in assisting your business in building relationships with consumers. The most effective current methods for bridging the gap between the enormous volumes of consumer data being collected and the practical next steps digital marketers may take in their future campaigns include the following elements of AI marketing:

Machine learning

Machine learning of AI marketing utilizes program algorithms to analyze information and enhance your business’s digital marketing campaigns automatically through experience. Tools which are integrated AI marketing’s machine learning enabled devices examine fresh data in the context of pertinent historical data, which can help digital marketing initiatives by informing them based on what has or hasn’t worked in the past.

Analyze big data

As “big data” has risen as a result of the growth of digital media, it has become possible for digital marketers to comprehend their efforts and precisely allocate value across channels. As a result, there is now an abundance of data, and many digital marketers are finding it difficult to decide which data sets are worthwhile to collect. AI marketing may assist in quickly sifting through all of that data, reducing it to the essentials, and not only analyzing it but also suggesting the most effective components for upcoming digital marketing efforts.

AI Marketing platforms & tools

Digital marketers have a central platform for managing the enormous amounts of data being collected thanks to efficient AI marketing tools. With the help of these AI marketing systems, you can get valuable marketing analytics about your target market and use it to inform your data-driven choices about how to effectively approach them.

Challenges of using AI marketing

Using AI marketing strategy, you might encounter some main challenges. Knowing these 5 common challenges GoSELL mentions below to prepare better AI marketing solutions.

High cost 

Due to its high cost, small firms would not be able to adopt AI technologies in their process.

Incorporating AI technologies could be expensive, especially for small enterprises. Even if AI is expensive at the beginning, it might pay off later on if there is trained staff available to teach others.

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Quality of Data and Training Time

AI marketing technologies do not automatically know what to do to accomplish marketing objectives. Just like humans, they need time and instruction to learn about company objectives, client preferences, historical trends, the broader context, and how to become an expert. Data quality checks are also necessary for this learning process. Your brand-new AI marketing tool will become nothing more than a toy if it is not trained with high-quality data that is accurate, timely, and representative. As a result, you’ll wind up with faulty data decisions that don’t accurately reflect customer wishes.

AI marketing’s constant innovations

Definitive best practices haven’t yet been established to direct marketing teams’ initial deployments because AI marketing is a more recent instrument in the digital marketer’s toolkit. The long-term impacts of deploying an AI marketing approach should be considered by every digital marketing team, not only the potential short-term gains.

Every day, new developments in the field of AI emerge. Because of their mobility, adapting to them could become difficult. The best way to use it is to stay up to date on the most recent developments and to be adaptable enough to take advantage of what AI has to offer.

AI marketing’s lack of instruction

The voice that AI generates is more engaging and interesting for any business marketing, and it has become a popular technology promising numerous advantages.

But recently there is not enough AI marketing education. The only option is to learn more about it and to make sure that an academic program is established just for AI marketing, allowing more people to become educated about the numerous solutions AI can provide.

AI marketing is important for your business

Implementing AI marketing would become an absolute way to achieve business goals. AI marketing assists you in collecting precious and accurate insights from the customers’ mind. This is the best way for you if you want to maintain your company’s operation and increase your ROI.

In addition, AI marketing provides deeper understandings of the market. Therefore, you can generate unique content, formulate customized marketing campaigns, and provide more thoughtful, responsive answers to customers’ problems. All of these things are accomplished without increasing the workload on your staff.

Because technology nowadays can mockup human brain work, with the help of AI marketing, you may access a huge amount of information that will significantly enhance how you interact with and please your customers. The improved customer experiences strengthen the relationship that exists between your business and its clients, fostering loyalty and boosting sales. Strong AI systems will lead to more meaningful interactions and long-lasting relationships with your consumers, further resulting in long-term prosperity for your firm.

Guide to apply AI marketing for you from GoSELL

Having a complete guide is important. The more flawless AI marketing plan you begin with, the more successes you achieve. Also, AI marketing helps reduce the implementing cost for your company. 

ai marketing

The most important step in starting an AI marketing plan is choosing the appropriate platform or platforms. Marketing professionals need to be astute in spotting the holes that the platform is attempting to fill and wise in choosing solutions based on skills. This will depend on the objective that marketers are attempting to fulfill. For instance, speed and productivity objectives would call for different functionality than those for increasing customer happiness with AI in general.

Despite the challenges of AI marketing that businesses can frequently suffer, GoSELL with the foundations of software development proudly provides you with a stable and comprehensive system that integrates more than 30 features and using them as guidelines can help you to apply AI marketing easily and overcome all the struggles mentioned above to increase sales revenue afterwards.

Guide to apply AI marketing for you from GoSELL
Guide to apply AI marketing for you from GoSELL

Targeting the right target audience with AI

  • GoSELL integrates Google Analytics tool to analyze the consumer behavior when they visit your website. Google Analytics, which is equipped with artificial intelligence technology and developed by Google, helps you to track users’ information (demographics, geographic, etc.) and habits. AI technology from the tool helps businesses identify customer sources. In that case, AI marketing is easy to plan because businesses can understand which marketing channels have the highest efficiency. 
  • Facebook Pixel feature facilitates user data collection and behavior tracking while tracking the effectiveness of Facebook Ad campaigns. With the help of this tool, you may enhance Facebook conversion rates by tailoring the quality of your ads to your target market and developing effective marketing/remarketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing becomes easier to create with AI marketing generated templates and contents for your campaigns.
  • Tracking, managing products conveniently, and maximizing sellers’ time and effort are all facilitated by synchronizing product management across numerous channels, including online and offline (website, app, POS, social media platforms, etc.)

GoSOCIAL – Communicating with customers with AI in AI marketing plan

GoSOCIAL, which integrates a seamless automatic system and includes Chatbot function enables businesses to send automatic responses to comments on Facebook. In specific, building an automatic vending machine system through Facebook posts is achievable. Being equipped with AI, businesses can create unlimited Chatbot campaigns to communicate with the customers.


If you want to grow your business bigger, do not hesitate to contact GoSELL right away. Because GoSELL proudly presents to you comprehensive sales solutions for your business in the digital era from online to offline platforms.