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Different ways to create a website that help increase your sales

23 February, 2023

A website is a tool where you display your company information on what you offer to customers. Also, it is a place where you start self-branding by displaying your works, experience online. Besides that, it is a way for you to communicate with your target audience in this digital era. But GoSELL knows that you are still confused about how to create a website that will benefit you, so let’s take a closer look together!

create a website

Why should you create a website?

A website is a distinctive way for you to connect with the rest of the world. There are no limits to what you can do if you want to create a website to share your passion for music, inform people about your business, sell products, or for any other reason! A website opens up a world of possibilities for you!

GoSELL suggest you consider create a website if you want to present: 

  • The ideal business card for your company or project.
  • A detailed and ongoing advertisement
  • A site that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Your personal competitive advantage
  • Advanced communication
  • Enhanced credibility

2 Ways to create a website

Create a website to launch an online sales platform to help businesses grow revenue, build credibility, spread the brand popularity, and increase the number of customers they can reach. So, the question here is that: Should you code your own website or use software/tools to create a website?

For your information, there are 2 ways to create a website, which are coding and using software.

create a website

Create a website by coding

One of the most popular website designs nowadays is how to create a website using algorithms. When it comes to creating a website, the majority of online sales websites providers in the market have a programming department. You can use algorithms to create a website with HTML and CSS. To briefly introduce to you, their definitions are:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) defines a web page’s structure and contents – the flows of things, how they’re laid out, and what’s on the page.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) defines a website’s styling/design/presentation and its elements.

One thing noted down for you is one truly can’t exist without the other because they both contribute to the final web page’s structure, appearance, and content. So, before you start to create a website with HTML and CSS, these steps to create a website by coding are useful for you to comprehend:

  • Study the foundations of HTML: HTML tag is the main element of HTML structure. The tags could be simple or complex, and it is necessary for you to know all of them.
  • Recognize the HTML document’s structure: Consider your HTML page to be a Lego structure. You stack several bricks on top of one another to create a larger edifice. 
  • Learn about CSS selectors: Similarly, to HTML tags, CSS has different selectors. Selectors specify how an element should appear to behave on your website.
  • Create a CSS stylesheet: A list of all the class definitions used in the matching HTML document may be found in a CSS stylesheet. A CSS stylesheet is created by specifying each class individually, then checking to see if the result in your page design what is you desired.
  • Install Bootstrap: An open-source toolkit called Bootstrap is used to build websites using HTML and CSS. The fundamental organization of an HTML document and CSS stylesheet is taken care of by Bootstrap.
  • Choose a design: You are free to use any Bootstrap template you like while building a website with HTML and CSS. It’s already fairly attractive, but now it’s time to learn HTML and CSS so you may customize it to your exact specifications.
  • Utilize HTML and CSS to customize website’s images, contents, fonts, colors and extra pages.

create a website

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Advantages when you create a website algorithmically:

  • Maximum security.
  • The website access speed is fast.
  • The interface is easily customizable.

Disadvantage of coding a website:

  • The price is slightly high.
  • Unable to make changes in the short-term.
  • Websites coders must be knowledgeable and have years of experience.

Create a website using tools

Besides knowing how to code to create a website, have you ever wondered if there are any other ways to build a website without coding? Let’s GoSELL introduce you some helpful software that can also let you design it by yourself, but another question would be like this: how can, exactly?

In the market nowadays there exist many tools for you to create a website just in short but you might have not known yet. Some of them are WordPress, Wixsite, Weebly, etc. These are the easy-to-use tools for you to create a website then promote online without knowing how to code. All the elements of your website could be created by drag-and-drop actions via those tools. You can decide which templates to choose, which fonts to use, or which colors you like effortlessly. Besides their convenience, those tools have pros and cons.

create a website

Advantages of tools:

  • The design steps are simple and quick.
  • Quick design time.
  • Saving time and money because you don’t need to take website creation course.
  • It is less expensive than hand-coding a website.
  • Create a website using available, diverse, and visually appealing interface templates.
  • There is no need to purchase a domain name (service providers can provide free domain names).
  • Website with multiple functions for sales and e-commerce.
  • Website SEO that is standard and works on all devices (compatible).

Disadvantages of tools:

  • Because use is limited by the available background, there will be some restrictions.
  • The website’s speed is moderate, and it is not suitable for complex websites.
  • There is a scarcity of specialized technical support. This, however, will no longer be an issue if you select the right supplier.

So you’ve seen the differences between the two ways to create a website. As technology advances, there will be many different ways to create a website for selling products, and you will be able to choose which design best suits your company’s needs and characteristics.

5 required elements to create a website 

Creating a website seems easy and quick, but inevitably there are some significant obstacles that people usually encounter. Common challenges are related to accessibility, compatibility, navigation, readability, and usability of a website. Considering these elements are indispensable for your website to ensure your web meets all the standards. When you create a website based on these criteria, it will be effective to increase conversion rates.

  • Accessibility: Web accessibility is the process of creating websites accessible to people of all backgrounds, abilities, and disabilities by using the Internet. To create a website accessible, it must be designed and developed, including frontend and backend development, so that all users have equal access to the site’s information, features, and capabilities.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility is the next most important, but unfortunately one of the most overlooked aspects of website development. Website compatibility, also known as “browser compatibility,” aims to ensure that websites work with a wide range of browser systems. In that case, a website developer must establish a browser testing plan which is effective to create a website successfully. Testing website compatibility on different browsers, operating systems and monitor resolutions are recommended.
  • Navigation: If a website is difficult to navigate, visitors will leave as quickly as they arrived. Which means that the bounce rates would increase. The navigational structure of a website is a major concern for webmasters and web designers. In reality, navigability is the most important aspect of responsive website design. A well-designed navigation system improves the usability of a website. You are required to create a website that is simple to navigate for visitors from different regions in your country or even around the Earth. Visitors must be prompted to view information on your website. 
  • Readability: Easy-to-read aspect is when writing materials on your website is clean and clear to read. To create a website with readability, you should concentrate in making it coherent for all readers, despite their background or age group.
  • Usability: When you create a website, a website’s performance is decided by how well it adheres to usability criteria. In terms of usability, your website should be easy to navigate, and the content should be smoothly accessible to visitors. If constricted content (bookmarking, printing issues, blocked back buttons, inability to share a link via email, and so on) is displayed on the site, visitors would consider it as a useless and irrelevant source of information.

GoWEB help you to create a website professionally to increase revenue

Understanding all the challenges you could face, all the elements that your website needs, and all the convenience that you need. GoWEB is a perfect choice to satisfy everything mentioned above. It can help you create a website in both ways. When choosing GoWEB, you can either create a website by coding or by using available themes and templates. It depends on which way you like to follow. In that case, you can make any decisions that you want when it comes to creating a website.

GoWEB is a GoSELL platform website design solution with professional business branding that helps your company to create a website with SEO standards. And its extra features assist you to optimize the visitor’s experience, maximize the effectiveness of personal brand promotion with streamlined management features, and quickly expand customer reach.

create a website

GoWEB’s features will assist you in creating a website with a complete and perfect personal brand:

  • Diverse warehouse themes, user-friendly design, and professional suitability for most business fields.
  • Create an SEO-friendly website in under 10 minutes.
  • Almost all electronic technology devices are compatible.
  • You can select from a variety of payment and shipping methods.
  • Process thousands of orders to help increase website sales productivity.
  • To manage goods, stores and branches easily and conveniently on a single admin page.
  • Integrate free online marketing tools to help you quickly reach out to potential customers.
  • Use your promotional campaign creativity to attract customers.
  • Allows you to set wholesale prices to encourage customers to buy in bulk.
  • The integration of Flash Sales speeds up outstanding sales.
  • Remembering detailed and accurate customer information forms the foundation for developing effective Marketing and Remarketing campaigns.
  • Support sending Email Marketing to multiple customers at the same time to help increase buyer connections.
  • The website’s detailed and intuitive report analysis allows you to quickly grasp the business situation.

If you want to create a website so that building a successful brand to increase revenue would be easier, GoWEB website design service is the way to go. Contact Gosell right away for more information!