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How to make money from online: 12 Realistic Ways to Make Money Fast

21 February, 2023

There are so many ways to make money these days and the topic that they are paying attention to most is how to make money without signing a labor contract? Since the Internet is used daily, how to make money from online platforms to earn some extra profits? So many questions that need to be answered. To help you figure this topic out, GoSELL is going to give you 10 ways of how to make money online fast but legit.

Top 5 ways of how to make money online fast

Almost anything is accessible with an internet connection, regardless of location or device. If you’re seeking for quick money-making opportunities, have a peek at our top suggestions:

  • Writing website reviews: Improve the usability of other people’s websites by providing feedback.
  • Make voice-overs: Bring your narrating skills to audiobooks, trailers, and advertisements.
  • Complete online surveys: By giving your comments on well-known survey websites, you can earn extra money.
  • Be a game/software tester: Assist developers to find out insights to ensure the software’s user experience.
  • Do side jobs: Find part time or temporary jobs on platforms like Fiverr.

Writing website reviews

Lots of website owners need reviews to improve their website. If you are interested in how to make money online, consider working as a website tester. If you have a good eye for website design and development, provide feedback to help enhance the websites. It’s an excellent approach to earn money rapidly and become fully immersed in the web development field.

You need logical and analytical thinking ability, great communication skills, and familiarity with website functionality and design to assess websites. Your job chances and test-reporting quality may both increase as a result of these traits.

The prices for payments vary depending on the testing procedures and the platform’s policies, and they are typically project-based.

UserTesting, for instance, offers tests for $4 to $120. Website testers who take part in in-person client interviews earn greater money. You will receive money based on each project which you’ve done.

This would be a great example for you about how to make money online.

Make voice-overs

A good approach to earn money quickly is through voice-over work. A long-term commitment is not necessary because the majority of voice-over positions are project-based. This is one of the best ways to make money online if you have a nice voice.

Your expertise, the nature of the project, and the length of the script all affect the amount of money you can make doing voice-over work. In the United States, voice-over actors make about $31 per hour on average. However, professional audiobook voice actors can get up to $200 each finished hour, which is the length of time it takes to read a book.

A strong voice-over performer can make any screenplay come to life because they are adaptable and lively. The ability to voice various characters and maintain a consistent narrative voice are essential for audiobooks because your voice is how you make money online.

Set aside a few hours of your day to experiment with sample scripts and determine which market suits your voice and style the best in order to get ready for voice-over work. Knowing your selling points will help you target the proper customers with your services.

For this work, producing high-quality audio is essential, thus getting a good microphone and recording software is a requirement. Also, when recording audio samples, make an effort to reduce background noise.

Complete online surveys

This might make you wonder “how to make money online by doing this task?”. You can get additional money by conducting online surveys in your leisure time, despite the fact that it might sound too good to be true.

For broad market research and customer behavior analysis, several businesses pay people to take surveys. These polls aid businesses in making decisions on the launch of new items and the placement of marketing. Helping these businesses is how you make money online.

You probably won’t get rich taking online surveys, but you can make some money here and there. Most survey sites offer gift cards as payment, but some, like Branded Surveys, also offer PayPal or direct deposit as options. You can become a Branded Elite member and be eligible for extra bonus points and benefits by regularly taking surveys and collecting points.

Become a game/software tester

The value of the video game market reached $178.73 billion in 2021, a 14.4% rise from 2020.

The greatest market share in the world for digital media is also held by video games. Due to this, there are now several chances for individuals to make money online by testing games and other apps.

So, how to make money online in this way exactly? The answer is players are required to do specified activities and get in-game money incentives in some games or apps, such as Mistplay. Gift cards or actual cash can be obtained in exchange for these awards.

People get paid to play games before they are released through the Global Beta Test Network by Keywords Studios. Like Givling, other online games also provide cash awards.

Watch out for websites and apps that serve as a front for fraudsters to steal your personal information and bank account information. Despite the fact that they make it simple to generate money online, make sure to read reviews and confirm their credibility first.

Do side jobs

Side jobs (or also called side gigs) is how to make money online while you can still maintain your 9 to 5 job. This is the way to help you earn extra coins for your life. 

You can do side jobs by posting your abilities or your offers for clients via platforms like Fiverr. Starting as a newbie, you will need to offer a low price to be given projects and received first reviews. The better your reviews are, the higher price you can ask from your customers.

So, doing side gigs is also an answer for the question of how to make money online.

Top 7 ways of how to make money online stably 

After discussing some of the top short-term money-making opportunities, it’s time to look at a number of long-term internet income opportunities.

The money-making suggestions in the list that follows demand an initial time and, in some cases, monetary investment, in contrast to the prior part. They are nevertheless something to think about if you wish to increase the scope of your professional capabilities.

  • Become an influencer: Writing posts or making videos on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube to build your personal brand.
  • Become a freelancer: Instead of applying for a 9 to 5 job, you will do it online with or without any time frame. 
  • Become an online tutor: Teaching/tutoring one-on-one or for a few students online.
  • Investing in stocks: Joining in a company investments to earn money when its value rises.
  • Establish a drop shipping store: Finding good suppliers to earn money from selling products. 
  • Build a website to write blogs: Writing blogs helps you build personal brand and receive money when you allow ad placements on your website. 
  • Affiliate marketing projects: Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. You can choose from a vast range of companies to partner with, including Shopify, Amazon, Uber, and FabFitFun. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you can earn through the internet in many different ways.

Become an influencer

Being an influencer requires building a strong personal brand. A strong personal brand means that you are popular for what you are good at and people know that very well. This is how to make money online in the long-term.

To become an influencer, you also need to enrich your resources such as experience, portfolio, professionals, etc. Then express them on social media because these platforms help spread your exposure. Whenever you become an influencer successfully, opportunities of how to make money online are plenty. For example, when people believe in your comments, thoughts or actions, they will likely follow and listen to you. In that case, appearing at events/in commercial videos, selling out your personal images, etc. are how to make money online.

Become a freelancer 

Taking your existing profession and doing it online is the simplest method to earn money online. You can advertise your skills online if you’re a writer, administrative assistant, graphic designer, teacher, etc. Every type of freelancer has access to an endless array of job platforms.

Offering what you are already familiar with is the quickest approach to sell your services online. These are valid services you can provide to clients if you manage social media as part of your day job or if you learned how to edit podcasts while working on your own personal podcast. A network of experts looking for freelancers with your skill set is available on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and

Online tutors/teachers

Consider working as an online teacher if teaching is your passion but you are not interested in selling digital courses.

Nowadays, a lot of students actively seek out online courses. Independent teachers frequently take payments through PayPal and advertise their services through video chat programs like Zoom or Skype.

Earn money by giving individualized comments and on-demand classes. You will design learning modules and lesson plans and monitor the students’ advancement.

When selecting a subject to teach, be sure to consider your level of experience. The most often tutored subjects are math, languages, and computers.

To raise your rates and credibility as an online tutor, think about being certified. In order to ensure smooth video communication, set up a reliable internet connection before giving live courses.

Investing in stocks

Investing in stocks is a fantastic strategy to generate money online. Start by buying stock in a company, then sell it when its value rises.

Starting out can be challenging. Thankfully, there are lots of websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels that provide trading tips. They frequently offer opinions, advice, and tactics for stock trading.

Open a drop shipping store

A B2C business strategy known as dropshipping allows people to sell goods online through an online store while employing a different supplier to handle order processing and fulfillment. Since you don’t have to handle inventory and shipping, it’s simpler than a typical eCommerce store. This business model is how to make money online.

Similar to starting a standard online store, starting a dropshipping business requires picking a specialty and an eCommerce platform. The primary distinction is that dropshippers must also locate the ideal provider. Supplier quality has the power to create or break a company.

Writing blogs on personal website

Blogging is a fantastic way for serious authors to make money. Many people develop blogs to exchange information, voice opinions, and build brands. Blogging is an answer for the old-aged question: how to make money online.

Any topic can be the subject of a new blog. Discovering a lucrative niche might be aided by researching trending blog topics. Examples of blog niches are food, book, and travel blogs.

The most popular ways to monetize a blog include selling things, affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships, and advertising.

Find a niche for your blog, then frequently produce new content to grow your audience. Effective marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics need to be put into practice.

Affiliate marketing

Another awesome approach to earn money online is by signing up for an affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing is no longer strange for the topic of how to make money online.

As an affiliate, you can make money by marketing goods, services, or companies on your platform. When a customer makes a purchase after clicking an affiliate link, you will receive a share of the revenue. Be sure to sign up for affiliate marketing campaigns that are appropriate for your market.

GoSELL’s recommendation on how to make money from online

Among top 12 ways mentioned above, GoSELL knows that everyone wants to make as much money as possible but for the long-term, not just in the short term. Therefore, a good recommendation for you is to become a business owner online by opening a drop shipping store or maybe basically just selling products online. In that case, understanding the demands of our customers GoSELL provides you with comprehensive sales solutions that help you make money online easily. Moreover, not only can you make money online, but you can also make money offline when choosing GoSELL’s products. Nothing makes you richer in a fast way by starting a business, especially a business that is available both online and offline.

Businesses need to pay attention to the application of technological solutions to the sales process and sales management at a time when the trend of digital transformation in business is the main focus.

Knowing this, GoSELL, a sales management tool with a wide range of functions, is expanding and assisting more local and international enterprises. OAO (Online And Offline) multi-channel sales, GoSELL with complete solutions is unquestionably a necessary companion for organizations in any industry, especially for business firms. The solutions that GoSELL is currently offering in particular are as follows:

  • GoWEB: Create an efficient and professional standard sales e-commerce website that is packed with contemporary features within 10 minutes with a diverse themes library that is available for you to choose a suitable template.
  • GoAPP: To encourage customers to return and make more purchases, create a mobile sales app that is accessible on both Android and iOS.
  • GoPOS: Control sales at the counter, place orders fast, and maintain accurate inventory for each branch.
  • GoSOCIAL: Encourage sales on the social media sites Facebook and Zalo. Create reply scripts, orders, and message synchronization all within chat.
  • GoLEAD: Create an expert landing page, assist with data collection, increase conversion rates, and close sales for your business.

Through a synchronous process of sales management in numerous channels, your company has developed a bigger competitive advantage over rivals thanks to GoSELL sales management software. With the help of the GoSELL system, businesses can accurately control sales across all channels, including physical stores, websites, sales apps, e-commerce sites like GoMUA, as well as social media sites like Facebook and Zalo exclusive management.

GoSELL provides organizations with incredibly effective marketing assistance services in addition to the fundamental management elements of a sales management software. Landing Page Creation, Email Marketing, Coupon Code Generation, Push Notifications, Flash Sale, and more features are just a few of the features. In the era of digital transformation, these will unquestionably be useful support tools to help organizations contact more customers and improve omnichannel sales.


Hope that throughout this article you will learn different ways to make money both for long-term and short-term. However, please be notified that GoSELL highly recommends you to make money in the most stable and sustainable way by becoming a business owner today. Therefore, with GoSELL’ assistance, you can earn lots of money from online to offline easily!

GoSELL sales management software is steadily growing the market to support every business, with the goal of assisting businesses in effectively transforming digitally, boosting business efficiency, and selling omni-channel. Businesses can learn more about GoSELL’s specific products and features HERE!